CIRCLE is the oldest organizational tool in human history: our ancestors formed a circle  when they gathered around the fire. Circle is the mother of most collaborative tools- e.g World Cafe, Open Space and Collective storytelling. It supports non-hierarchical and democratic context: each participant is equal and the leadership is shared. The center represents the purpose of a gathering, it is also the anchor for each participant to be present. Circle has a strong self steering effect; it encourages the participants to practice deeper listening and authentic contribution. Circle can be used in many contexts,  often marking a beginning or an ending of a formal meeting (checking-in & checking-out).

As alone the circle can be a powerful tool for deeper reflection. It helps the participants to slow into a spiral of collective wisdom and thus enables the whole group to connect with different facets of the shared purpose.

Organizations committed to systemic change may use the circle as part of their self-governance tool. It increases remarkably the level of dialogue and communication, thus developing communication also towards customers and other stakeholders on the outer circles.

Gumbostrand Circle





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