Core group

The core group is guarding the center of a system, metaphorically it represents the essence of the organization – what happens on the core group gets amplified in the field. A harmonious core group can open up the potential of the whole the organization and vice versa. In the context of participatory leadership the core group responsibilities consist both of practical things as well as developing the dialogue within oneself, with the group and the larger organization.

A collaborative and process oriented community (organization) demands a deeper level of engagement from the core team, e.g emergent strategic steps, commitment to the agreed principles, consciousness to work with the complex systems.

COLLABORATIVE CORNER STONES that help to build integrity:

World view: make the beliefs and values of each core group member visible, share the personal journeys.

The vision: what is the inspiration behind the work, what is the group trying create together?          The vision is something each member can identify with, is inspired by and committed to. Different techniques can be used to make sure everyone contributes to the vision.

Purpose analysis:

  • purpose of the organization
  • purpose of the core group
  • purpose of each member of the core team
  • purpose of the stakeholders that the organization serves.

Where and how do these elements meet each other?


-Level of dialogue: dialogue can change the system, real trust grows from heart-to-heart communication.

Some ideas for improving the level of dialogue:

  • how do we speak,  listen &  work collaboratively?
  • how does the level of dialogue reflect the values of the organization?
  • are there enough resources and tools for dialogue?

The tools:

  • circle practice, storytelling and other collaborative methods
  • attunement and self-management
  • inclusive decision-making methods
  • practices that bridge designing, implementing, reflection and evaluation

– The principles:

  • general dialogue agreements
  • circle work agreements
  • meeting agreements
  • dialogue design concerning the whole organization

Group Integrity



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