As a social entrepreneur my core values lie in a sustainable world view. The interconnectedness of individuals, organizations and larger institutions is a great resource for any endeavor aiming for systemic transformation. Collaboration, open dialogue and practices that allow the emergence of collective intelligence are crucial corner stones for sustainable future.

I believe collaboration is a speedway for insights and greater awareness – whether an organization, society or an individual. This insight led me to study participatory leadership and systems oriented design in sustainable communities. For the last 15 years I have been implementing participatory leadership elements further in society; in business organizations, larger communities and multi-stakeholder projects, all aiming towards sustainable change.

I design, facilitate and host participatory group processes, consult communities and organizations aiming to improve their social infrastructure and leadership practices. I also offer executive coaching for core groups interested in deepening the level of their team work  and learning new tools.

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Kirsi Joenpolvi, consultant, facilitator, participatory process designer                                                                                                             Msc (Econ.& Business)

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